Bidder Help

Account Setup Instructions

• Go to • Click the LOGIN/REGISTER button in the upper right hand corner. • Click the Register button. • Fill out the form with your: ◦ Username. This can be anything you want. ◦ Password. ◦ First Name. ◦ Last Name. ◦ Email address. Only one account per email address. ◦ Phone Number. Preferably cell. ◦ Select whether you want if you want to receive text message notifications. ◦ Address. ◦ Shipping address if different then home address. • Click Next Step. • Fill out Credit Card info with your: ◦ Card Description. This is an identifying name for your card. ◦ Card Number. ◦ Expiration Date. ◦ CVV: 3 or 4-digit code. ◦ First and Last name as it appears on your card. ◦ Billing Address. • Click Next Step. • Please read and understand terms before accepting by clicking the check box on the bottom of the page. • Click Submit. You will need to use your Username to login. You cannot use your email address.

Password Reset Instructions

If you forgot your password please follow these instructions. • Click the LOGIN/REGISTER button in the upper right hand corner. • Click the reset password link underneath the Login button • Enter your username or email address • Click the reset password link or button in the email you receive. • Enter a new password into the form. • Click Reset. • Now you can login with your new password.

Explanation of Auction Close Process

The auction will begin to close at the advertised time.

Our auctions have a staggered close which means that each lot is scheduled to close at a slightly different time. Each lot has its close time displayed on it. A lot will close every 10 seconds until all the lots have closed.

We also use a soft close. This means that if an lot receives a bid within 1 minute of its close, that lot will have its close time extended back to a minute, thereby giving other biders a chance to bid again. When no bids are received for one minute, that lot will close.

Explanation of Max Bids

When you bid on a lot, you may choose to place a max bid (maximum bid) representing the highest amount that you're willing to pay. Our automatic bidding technology will then place bids on your behalf. It will always place the lowest bid necessary and never go higher than your max bid.